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One To One Tuition

If you feel that you require some extra help or a boost to help you with your studies and exams, our tutors are available for One-to-One Tuition services. Our experienced tutors can help further increase your exam success chances with bespoke classes and exam preparation tips. We are open 7 days a week and our timetables are flexible allowing you to fit your tuition around your lifestyle. Don't leave it to chance. Act now.

Click here to book our 'One to One' tuition service. Please indicate in the 'Customer Notes' field during the booking process which course paper / unit you are interested in along with any other relevant instructions you may have. 

Pay by PayPal, Debit Card / Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer / Online Banking.  Direct Bank Transfer / Online Banking is our cheapest and quickest payment method. A proof of payment is required from all students paying by our Direct Bank Transfer / Online Banking payment method. All other payment methods will attract a surcharge. Sponsored Students can request invoice sent to their sponsors during the booking process. Students wishing to pay by credit card can select our 'Bank Transfer' payment option and use the 'Customer Notes' field during the booking process to request a 'PayPal Credit Card' Invoice accordingly.

One to One Tuition - 3 Hours

Are you the type that suffers in silence in a classroom full of other students? Do you have any particular subject unit / paper that is causing you problems? if you answer yes to these questions then our One-to-One tuition service is for you. Simply book a three hour tuition / revision session with one of our subject unit / paper expert tutors and the rest is easy. We are here to help you overcome your subject difficulties and build up your examination confidence with lots of exam practice and guidance from our tutors. Ask all the questions you would otherwise be too embarrassed to ask in a classroom full of other students. Work and progress your studies at you own pace. Get the benefit of a personal tutor and increase your exam success chances. Make your booking today....

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